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Why Fresh Ingredients Make for a Better Pizza September 26, 2017

Westchester Village, Bronx
Why Fresh Ingredients Make for a Better Pizza, Bronx, New York

The tantalizing smell of a hot pizza made with fresh ingredients is enough to leave anyone’s mouth watering. There's no question that pizzas made with fresh mozzarella or just picked basil are far and above pies made with dried ingredients.

While some might say that pizza is good no matter how it's made, there are reasons why fresh ingredients make a better pizza:

Fresh Ingredients Are More Delicious

Taste is the first and foremost reason for using fresh ingredients. Pizza enthusiasts can clearly discern the difference between tomato sauce made from canned tomatoes or sauce made from ripe, juicy, and just picked tomatoes. Fresh herbs also smell more potent and have a stronger taste compared to dried herbs. Store-bought cheeses are also less creamy and have more additives, a stark contrast to freshly shredded Mozzarella and Romano cheeses.     

Fresh Is Healthier

pizzaUsing fresh ingredients on your pizza not only means it's tastier, but it's also healthier. A lot of restaurants and fast food chains use processed or preserved ingredients to save money and shorten the cooking time, but this shortcut lowers the nutritional value of your food. Using fresh ingredients will give pizza lovers the chance to indulge in their favorite food without having to eat empty calories that degrade their health.

You Eat Well While Protecting the Environment

The environment is another great reason for demanding fresh ingredients in your pizza. On average, highly processed and preserved food ingredients require more packaging, more use of chemicals, and get transported farther distances than food that is naturally grown and freshly harvested. Overall, using fresh food ingredients creates less environmental waste.


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