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A Guide to Septic Tank Maintenance to Reduce Costs & Water Contamination January 9, 2019

North Shore, Waialua
A Guide to Septic Tank Maintenance to Reduce Costs & Water Contamination, Waialua, Hawaii

The lack of proper maintenance not only causes septic systems to overflow, but it also contaminates surrounding water bodies and soil systems alike. With this in mind, septic tank installation contractors provide homeowners with a detailed upkeep guide to spare them of the costs and stress a malfunctioning system can cause. Continue reading to get a basic understanding of septic cleaning and care steps that are essential for a smoothly performing system.

4 Tips for Proper Septic Tank Maintenance

Avoid Flushing Down Insoluble Waste

Septic tanks are designed to provide a disposal mechanism for natural waste. Flushing down insoluble materials like plastic wrappers, female hygiene products, and wipes can cause them to clog up. This results in water backing up into the drains and also throws a well-synchronized septic mechanism out of balance.

Don’t Pour Down Cooking Grease

Septic TankHomeowners often turn to their kitchen drains to discard excess oils and fats from cooking. However, the grease from these components can stick around the drain walls and become a trap for other contaminants flowing down them. Finding alternative ways to dispose of kitchen grease spares you the need for getting costly septic tank cleaning services.

Pay Close Attention to Surrounding Soil

Ensuring a well-maintained septic tank warrants checking on the soil it’s surrounded with. Compacted soil particles can make it difficult for the system to move waste around through proper channels. In general, it’s best to avoid sowing plants and trees near the system, as their roots can grow uncontrollably and cause major disruption to the drain field.

Always Hire a Professional for Cleaning & Pumping the Tank

Even if you’re a pro at DIY projects, pumping your home’s septic installations should never be one of them. The expertise and equipment this task entails can only be provided by a professional in the field.


For the most trusted septic tank services on Oahu, turn to the specialized solutions Gecko Enterprises offers. For more than 25 years, their team has provided foolproof cleaning and maintenance for local systems and tanks. Learn more about the services by calling (808) 637-3240 or by visiting the website.

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