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4 Tips for Buying Industrial Handling Equipment September 30, 2017

Garment District, Manhattan
4 Tips for Buying Industrial Handling Equipment, Manhattan, New York

Casters, Wheels, and other Industrial Handling equipment are the unsung heroes of the warehouse and industrial sites. These pieces are often taken for granted until something goes wrong. A failure to one of these pieces can slow productivity, damage equipment and inventory, and might even cause serious injury, so it pays to spend time choosing your materials carefully. Below are a few tips for making sure you get your money’s worth out of your equipment handling products.

4 Tips for Choosing Industrial Handling Equipment

1. Choose Low-Maintenance Options

Devices with casters that require frequent maintenance are more likely to suffer; under-inflated tires, poor lubrication, and other issues that could cause problems on the production floor. Fortunately, many manufacturers offer products with wheels that never need to be inflated, have sealed bearings and dust caps to keep out debris.

2. Use Specialized Equipment

If you require special needs, don’t use general-purpose equipment that wasn’t designed to meet them. For instance, if your facility transports products in drums, purchase equipment designed specifically to hoist, transport, and pour those containers, rather than trying to adapt regular carts, hand trucks, and hoists.

3. Consider Your Floors

While some wheels may not require as much maintenance, they could cause damage and increase the amount of attention your floor needs. Certain wheel materials work better than others depending on the flooring your equipment is on. Steel wheels for example, will roll very well on concrete however they will damage it over time. Polyurethane wheels will give you more cushion, a quieter, smoother ride and will protect your concrete floor. Consider your application and what type of flooring your equipment is on before purchasing wheels.

4. Factor in Worker Safety

Many manufacturers now offer material handling equipment designed for ease of use, from smoother wheels to ergonometric handles. Choosing equipment that is easier to use can increase the productivity of your employees, while also preventing costly work-related injuries.


Since 1959, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling has become the leading supplier of industrial wheels and handling equipment in Farmingdale and New York, NY. Their catalogue features an extensive range of products from some of the top brands in the industry, with options perfectly suited to every application. Visit their website now for a sample of their products, get more advice on Facebook, and call (631) 650-0500 to discuss your needs and request a quote today.


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