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A Look at Northland Fire & Safety’s Fire Extinguisher Training Course September 28, 2017

Superior, Douglas
A Look at Northland Fire & Safety’s Fire Extinguisher Training Course, Superior, Wisconsin

Do you know the basics of fire extinguishers and how to use them?

Northland Fire & Safety offers hands-on fire extinguisher training for businesses to help answer these questions and to help fulfill training requirements for employees. Here’s what their course covers, as well as important details about why fire extinguisher training is an important part of your safety plan.

Fire Extinguisher Training From Northland Fire & Safety

Contrary to what you might have seen in the movies, using an extinguisher isn’t as simple as pointing the nozzle. Most people have never used a fire extinguisher or even picked up a fire extinguisher.  Northland Fire & Safety’s hands-on training course will teach you how to safely and effectively extinguish a small    fire at your workplace or at home. You’ll begin your course with a brief video and a basic quiz about information covered in the video, followed by hands-on instruction that explores the rules of fighting fires. Each person will have the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher provided by Northland Fire & Safety to extinguish a small fire in a burn pan.  Upon completion of the fire extinguisher training, Northland Fire & Safety will provide a Certificate of Completion for each employee that went through the training.  Business owners appreciate the certificates because they usually go in the employee’s personnel file as proof of safety training.  The video, quiz, question-and-answer and hands-on training generally takes less than 45 minutes depending on the amount of people in attendance. 

A fire extinguisher is one of those necessary safety items you hope you never have to use—but you should still know when and how to use it. By the end of your course, you’ll be more comfortable to deal with a situation if one arises. To get more information on a fire extinguisher training course with Northland Fire & Safety, call (888) 722-8812 and ask for Erika, or visit their website to view additional safety resources.

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