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3 Smart Reasons to Get Old Wires & Electrical Fixtures Inspected October 2, 2017

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3 Smart Reasons to Get Old Wires & Electrical Fixtures Inspected, Old Lyme, Connecticut

Perhaps you recently purchased an older home that was owned by the same family for generations, or maybe your current house is older and starting to show its age in various ways. Regardless, if your residence is more than 40 years old, scheduling electrical services is strongly recommended. Review some of the benefits replacing old wiring offers, as well as warning signs you should not ignore:

Fire Hazards

Old wires and fixtures are often exceedingly dry and have begun to deteriorate. The insulation surrounding wires and the fixtures they illuminate can crumble because they are so old and dry, which exposes the wiring and makes it more susceptible to damage. Old houses with aluminum wiring are especially vulnerable to electrical fires over residences with copper wiring, as aluminum is prone to overheating. Getting your old wiring and fixtures replaced is one of the best ways to prevent electrical fires.

Insurance Issues

electrical servicesIn addition to keeping your house safe, old wire repair and replacement is recommended for insurance reasons. Some insurance agencies will not provide coverage to owners of homes with old electrical systems because of the fire risk. Other agencies will simply increase your monthly premium. Calling your local professional for electrical services, including the inspection of old wiring and fixtures, is key to avoiding staggering insurance costs.

Signs of Disrepair

Signs of old or faulty wiring include charred outlets, consistent circuit breaker tripping, and flickering lights. Outlets that feel hot to the touch or cause slight electrical shocks when plugging and unplugging cords are also warning signs, as are burnt odors that have nothing to do with cooking. Wall outlets may also appear to vibrate.


Discuss your home’s wiring with the talented electricians at Zelek Electric Co. The Old Lyme, CT, electrical contractor has proudly provided commercial and residential electrical services for over 33 years, and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 24/7 answering services are also available for your convenience. Call (860) 434-9726 to schedule an appointment or visit the website for additional information.

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