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How to Reduce Workplace Injuries September 22, 2017

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How to Reduce Workplace Injuries, Freehold, New Jersey

Having good safety practices and tips at work is the number one way to reduce Workers Compensation costs. Safety should be part of every aspect of your business and that does not mean telling your employees to be safe, it requires certain steps that your employees and you need to make.


Injuries to employees can be devastating for a small business who have minimal employees to do daily activities. Your business will be covered by your Workers Compensation Insurance but your business will have to cover the costs associated with reduced productivity, overtime, training replacements, etc.


The best way to minimize the hidden costs of workplace injuries and related insurance costs is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Follow these steps to help reduce the risk of injury:


  1. Keep walkways clean and free of clutter. While this step may seem easy, many businesses fail to accomplish it. Keeping walkways clear will prevent an employee or a customer from tripping or falling. This also entails cleaning up spills and use wet floor signs to prevent dangerous slipping hazards.
  2. Keep your business well lighted. Without the proper amount of light in a workplace, employees are not only more likely to get tired and possibly fall asleep on the job but also, more likely to trip and fall on objects not seen. Properly lighting the inside and outside of the workplace is ideal.
  3. Change your hiring procedures. When hiring new employees, make sure you are hiring reliable people. Following the hiring process, make sure that the employee is being properly trained and told about the safety procedures of the workplace. Do not let this employee work on their own until you are confident they can perform the job.
  4. Use proper signage. Placing signs in clear sight so employees and customers can see them can go a long way for a business. Signs that indicate a step, gap, or uneven ground will increase awareness and protect a business from a potential lawsuit.
  5. A handrail on a stairway reduces the risk of injury. Stairways are one of the most common areas for injuries in the workplace; they are full of liabilities. Making sure that any rug on a carpet is secure and that the stairs are lit properly will keep everyone safe from potential hazards.
  6. Check your employees’ footwear. Each job requires different clothing but are your employees wearing footwear that is appropriate for their specific work conditions? Shoes with proper traction, steel toes boots, and slip resistant shoes should be required when possible.
  7. Use a ladder when trying to access something high. Many employees will find it easier to stand on a chair or desk to access something when ladders and step stools should be being used. Ladders and step stools can help reduce the chances of an employee falling and hurting themselves. An employee falling will require you to file a Workers Compensation claim and possibly be sued.
  8. Make sure cords are organized and hidden from employees. It’s no secret that cords can create a mess so it is important to keep cords well organized and in a location that no one can trip or get tangled in them. Consider running any wires behind the walls or under carpets to keep them out of the way.
  9. Check your outside walkways. It’s common for pavement and cement outside to have cracks, holes, and lifted areas so it is important to get those fixed and create a clear walkway for employees and guests. Any dangerous areas, place a warning sign in/on/around the area.
  10. Don’t leave that spill! Do not wait to clean up a spill. If possible, stand guard over a spill and ask for assistance to get the proper equipment to clean the mess up. Even following the cleanup of the spill, make sure to mark the area with a wet floor sign as some cleaning products can make the floor slippery.


Safety is extremely important in the workplace and as a business owner, it is your job to ensure the proper training and safety procedures are being used. If you do have an accident or injury at work, your Workers Compensation Insurance is there to help you pay for all necessary time off and medical bills. For find more about how you can stay protected with Workers Compensation Insurance, call NorthEast Insurance Services today at (732) 972-1771 or visit online

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