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Why Tire Rotation Is an Important Part of Regular Auto Maintenance October 3, 2017

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Why Tire Rotation Is an Important Part of Regular Auto Maintenance, Greensboro, North Carolina

When you own a car, you must stay on top of regular upkeep if you want to ensure your vehicle and its parts continue to run smoothly years from now. Part of this auto maintenance should involve regularly rotating your tires. You may receive this service when you get an oil change, but do you know why it’s so vital? Below is a quick explanation of why tire rotation is an important part of taking care of your vehicle.

Why Equal Wear Is Important

If you put on a new set of tires and never rotate them, one or two of them would need to be replaced much sooner than the others. Braking, turning, and specific driving habits put extra stress on certain tires and cause them to wear out more quickly. Periodically rotating each tire to a new corner allows each one to experience a different wear pattern over time. The auto maintenance task ensures the tread depreciation is the same throughout and helps you avoid purchasing new tires sooner than you have to.  

When to Have Them Rotated

auto maintenanceWhile a good rule of thumb is to get your tires rotated at the same time you get your oil changed, sometimes it’s necessary to have the service performed at irregular intervals. One such instance is whenever the tire tread is noticeably uneven. Check the inside and outside areas of the tires, as they will depreciate differently depending on their location and the way you drive. Also tire rotation is part of the tires treadlife warranty. If you don’t rotate them then there is a question if the tire companies will honor the treadlife warranty. Bottom line is you can never rotate tires too often.


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