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How Music Lessons Will Improve Your Child's Math Ability September 26, 2017

New York, Richmond
How Music Lessons Will Improve Your Child's Math Ability, New York, New York

If your child needs to improve their math skills, consider enrolling them in piano lessons. First coined in 1993, “The Mozart Effect” suggests that listening to Mozart’s musical scores can boost spatial-temporal reasoning for a short period. Spatial-temporal abilities are crucial to success in mathematics, as are many skills gained from music. Here’s how the correlation between music and math can benefit your kid.

How Piano Lessons Can Boost Math Scores

Activates Multiple Areas in the Brain

Music challenges several parts of the brain and has been shown to have numerous cognitive advantages. The most benefits are gained from playing an instrument and taking music classes, the perfect after-school activity for students.

Teaches Basic Mathematics

piano lessonsBasic mathematics can be seen throughout music theory and notations, including chords and half-notes. To follow a beat or a rhythm, you must understand concepts such as fractions and ratios. Similarly, math and music both rely on identifying patterns and sequences.

Improves Cognitive Functioning

Studies show there is a link between musical training and improved executive functions. These cognitive processes help people quickly process and retain information, switch between tasks, and solve problems. These skills are critical in mathematics.

Raises Test Scores

Young children who study music score significantly higher on tasks measuring spatial-temporal cognition, hand-eye coordination, and arithmetic. Additionally, high-performing students who were enrolled in music classes, such as piano lessons, received higher grades than their peers.


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