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The Cost of Your Child's DUI & How It Will Affect Your Insurance Policy September 26, 2017

The Cost of Your Child's DUI & How It Will Affect Your Insurance Policy, Middletown, New York

For parents, adding a child to an insurance policy is a costly affair. In addition to raising your premiums, you also assume all liability for their actions behind the wheel. This includes parking and traffic tickets, as well as DUI charges. If your kid is convicted of drunk driving, it will be included on your insurance record, driving your rates skyward for years to come. To combat the financial repercussions, parents may elect to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney to help get the charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Consequences of Your Child’s DUI 


DUIStart to finish, a DUI typically runs around $10,000. This figure accounts for bail, impound and towing, court fines, alcohol treatment, and ignition lock installation, as well as attorney fees and added insurance costs. While this is just an estimate, it’s in the ballpark.

High-Risk Drivers

Every insurance company handles DUI convictions in their own way. Though it may take time for the conviction to impact your record, it will catch up to you eventually — typically upon your next policy renewal. Assuming your insurance does not drop you altogether, your child will likely be considered “high risk” until the points are removed from their driving record, which is usually three years after the conviction. 


If convicted, your child may have to file an SR-22. This refers to a statement of financial responsibility that verifies insurance coverage. Depending on the details of the conviction, your child may need to file for several years, and there is a fee each time.


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