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How Often Does Your Car Need Wheel Alignment Services? September 22, 2017

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How Often Does Your Car Need Wheel Alignment Services?, Meriden, Connecticut

Wheel alignment is an important part of auto maintenance, but its effectiveness depends on following the schedule recommended by your local mechanic. As a rule of thumb, your car’s tires should be checked for misalignment issues on a yearly basis to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. However, you may need to get these services more frequently based on your car’s unique requirements.

Here are a few ways to tell if your car needs wheel alignment services more often than the suggested annual checks:

Steering Wheel Position

Does your steering wheel seem off-center even when you try to correct its position? If so, your car could be suffering from undiagnosed alignment issues that need to be addressed by an auto repair shop. Additionally, excessive vibrations when operating the steering wheel and negotiating with turns is another telltale sign of a misaligned car.

Vehicle Pulling to One Direction

Wheel AlignmentIf your car pulls gently or sharply to one side, it’s time get it checked for wheel alignment problems. While sharp pulling happens only in cases of severe misalignment, it starts with a gentle tug to one side. The lighter pull may go unnoticed at first, but the best way to detect it is to park your car in a straight direction. If it turns to either side after releasing the steering wheel, it's time to have the alignment checked by an auto repair shop.

Unequal Wear on Tire

Unaligned wheels result in unequal wear and tear, affecting tires on one side more than the others. Take your car to an auto maintenance expert to have it inspected for suspected misalignment troubles.


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