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Why Wheel Alignment Is Crucial for Vehicle Safety & Performance October 3, 2017

Kalapaki Ahupua`a, Lihue
Why Wheel Alignment Is Crucial for Vehicle Safety & Performance, Lihue, Hawaii

From hitting the occasional pothole to regular driving over rough terrain, there are many factors that can throw a vehicle’s suspension system out of sync. When this happens to motorists in Lihue, HI, the professionals at Tire Warehouse Kauai recommend bringing their cars to the shop for wheel alignment. The simple service extends the life expectancy of vehicles, while improving their safety and handling. 

3 Benefits of Wheel Alignment Service 

Avoid Additional Damage 

A car consists of an intricate network of parts and mechanical components, all working together to operate the vehicle. When the steering or suspension systems are thrown out of alignment, the change causes premature wear to tire tread and damage to the drivetrain. Opting for wheel alignment will prevent the chain reaction of additional vehicle damage. 

Improve Vehicle Safety

wheel alignmentWhen tires become worn from faulty suspension, the rubber no longer has the traction it needs to keep your vehicle from sliding on slippery and wet roadways. Driving with bald tires increases the likelihood of accidents. The bad alignment also impacts the steering column, making it difficult to control the wheel. Properly aligning the camber, caster, and toe angles of each wheel will prevent these life-threatening issues. 

Increase Fuel Economy

When wheels are misaligned, tires drag. This means the car drains more fuel to reach the intended speed. The wheel alignment is designed to relieve strain on tires, restoring the vehicle’s fuel efficiency in the process. 

If you suspect your car needs wheel alignment or new tires or it’s time for brake repairs or additional tuneups and auto repair service, the professionals at Tire Warehouse Kauai are standing by to help. Reach out to the Lihue tire store at (808) 245-6754 to schedule an appointment, and visit them online for special offers. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook for maintenance tips and service announcements. 

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