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How Holistic Dentistry Sees Cleaning Differently November 16, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan
How Holistic Dentistry Sees Cleaning Differently, Manhattan, New York

You might be surprised to learn that tooth cleaning isn’t always a good thing. Between the scraping, specially-applied gritty toothpaste, aggressive flossing, and high price tag, all those cleanings can wear away at your teeth’s natural layers — and your wallet. Holistic dentistry approaches the issue differently. While a conventional dentist might clean your teeth every time you come to see them, a dentist like Leonard Kundel, DMD will only use them when necessary. His regular appointments are just checkups — and there’s a reason he’s cautious to whip out the tools.

Holistic Dentistry Prioritizes Health

WhatHolistic Dentistry makes a tooth cleaning worth it? If the health benefit you realize from the cleaning justifies the cost. That’s why Leonard Kundel, DMD makes sure to examine your teeth before deciding what’s best for them. That might seem basic, but think about all of the dentists who scrape first and ask questions later. It wouldn’t make sense for you to exfoliate and moisturize every inch of your skin each time you see the dermatologist. Every medical procedure, whether dental or otherwise, is a means to the end of better health. If there’s no need for treatment, why pay for one?

Drawbacks of Excessive Cleaning

Holistic dentistry is wary of what excessive cleaning can do to your tooth lining. Pain shouldn’t be considered a must when it comes to tooth cleaning — especially considering all of the other problems caused by damage to the teeth. For one, the teeth are a key gateway to your bloodstream, and bacteria sometimes linger in the mouth. Leonard Kundel, DMD is especially concerned with the mouth-body connection, an area underrepresented in popular dental wisdom. Did you know that bacteria can travel into the bloodstream from the gums and get into the heart and artery walls? By avoiding unnecessary procedures, holistic dentistry helps their patients avoid such unforeseen consequences.

How a Holistic Dentist Cleans Teeth

Leonard Kundel, DMD believes in gentle tooth cleaning. Harsh abrasions and pain have no place in his operation. He targets cleaning to areas where it really matters and makes sure his patients understand what he’s doing. The difference is so clear that even the kids notice.

As a dentist, Dr. Kundel places your wellbeing over all else. His patients love that seeing him is like having a conversation with a friend — his careful explanation of your oral health leaves you confident. Find out what it really means to get holistic dental care. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kundel today by calling (203) 487-6020 or visiting his website.

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