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4 Crucial Signs You Need Copier Repairs October 3, 2017

Jessup, Anne Arundel
4 Crucial Signs You Need Copier Repairs, Jessup, Maryland

Your copiers and printers are vital to keeping your business going. From meetings to marketing, you need your printers to work quickly and produce quality documents. If you notice your document quality waning, it may be time to call for copier repairs.

4 Reasons to Get Copier Repairs

1. Blank Pages

When the ink or toner runs out, you replace it and your problem should be fixed. If, however, you replace the toner and you’re still getting blank pages when you shouldn’t, this could be a larger problem with the machine. It could also mean there’s a problem with the paper you’ve selected or that the toner cartridge is still sealed.

2. Poor-Quality Documents

copier repairsThis could look like different ink colors are misaligned from your color printer, double images, or thin lines of white space even after you have replaced your toner. If you see this happening frequently over time, or the quality is worsening, call your copier repair service to have it checked out.

3. Paper Jams

The occasional paper jam is a fact of life, but it shouldn’t be preventing you from doing business effectively. If recurring paper jams are causing you to miss deadlines or rush at the last minute to prepare for meetings, it’s time to have the problem fixed. You’re wasting paper, toner, money, and time by allowing the issue to continue.  

4. An Ink Mess

Are there ink smears, splatters, and splotches on your document? This is ink overflow and it could be caused by a dirty cartridge or interior contamination. Your copier repair professional can clean and service your machine to get it back in shape.


Laser Line in Jessup, MD, has been serving Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia’s document creation needs since 1989. Whether you need copier service or printing supplies and installation, trust the professional to provide outstanding customer service for your business of any size. Join Laser Line’s long list of satisfied customers today by calling (410) 636-1700 or contacting a representative online.

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