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Why Construction Equipment Rental Is a Savvy Decision September 21, 2017

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Why Construction Equipment Rental Is a Savvy Decision, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

In an effort to cut costs while maintaining high-quality infrastructure, an increasing number of construction companies are opting for construction equipment rental. When you rent from a top general contractor like Up North Builders of International Falls, MN, you gain access to some of the best equipment available. Offering everything from excavating machinery to cranes, the pros will outfit your crew with everything you need for your next project. 

Here are three benefits of choosing construction equipment rentals:

  • Gain Flexibility: When you rent your construction equipment, you’ll never regret a purchase of machinery you thought you’d need but wound up rarely using. Since you’ll be renting as a response to demand, you can always target exactly what you need. Even better, if a job calls for a specialized piece of equipment, instead of having to purchase a unit you’ll never use again, you can rent it for that site. image
  • Avoid Depreciation: After you buy construction equipment, it immediately loses some of its value thanks to depreciation. As the unit continues to be used, its value on the market will sink lower until you’d only be able to regain a fraction of its original value if you wanted to sell. Construction companies that choose renting, on the other hand, never have to worry about the decline in value — or quality.  
  • Net Storage Savings: One of the biggest drawbacks of buying construction equipment is that you need to store all of the machinery. Since construction equipment is large, they demand a vast quantity of space to house. After months and years, those storage bills add up to a tremendous expense you could otherwise direct into your business.

If you’re looking for construction equipment rental, don’t hesitate to reach out to Up North Builders. They always have the best quality and most up-to-date equipment so you can get any general or specialized jobs done right. You can get in touch with the experts by calling (218) 285-3635. 

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