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How Archery Classes Will Benefit You Physically & Mentally October 5, 2017

Belleville, Essex County
How Archery Classes Will Benefit You Physically & Mentally, Belleville, New Jersey

According to a study commissioned by the Archery Trade Association, the number of Americans doing archery increased by 14% between 2012 to 2014. Experts know exercise is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but archery, as both a sport and art, offers many physical and mental benefits that cause more people to pick up a bow and arrow year after year. Here are a few reasons you should consider archery classes.

Physical Health Benefits

Archery involves repetitious arm movements increasing strength in the upper body and defining the chest, back, triceps and bicep muscles. Although some people may think archery is only a stationary exercise, studies indicate that drawing crossbows over and over burns close to 300 calories per hour, the same amount as if you took a brisk walk at 3.5 mph. Archery also improves your hand-eye coordination and helps develop instinctive movements, which you can apply to many aspects of your life.

Mental Clarity

archery classesExercise is known to relieve stress, but the amount of focus needed for archery classes keeps your mind off of anything else. Students learn how the same motion over and over creates the perfect shot and even the slightest miscalculation can result in a deduction. Archery also helps people find their “anchor point” which sets the archer’s aim and keeps them grounded. These focus tactics are extremely helpful for work, school, or other tasks that require complete and isolated concentration.

Continued Practice

Archery is similar to tennis or swimming in that people of any age can practice it for the rest of their lives. It is also a great way to keep you active, both physically and mentally, as you get older. The latest archery equipment can even be modified to help those who have physical challenges or other disabilities. With flexibility for everyone, it’s a tremendous sport to carry with you for the rest of your life.


Archery classes are an excellent way to learn a new sport, hone your craft, keep yourself active, and generate greater focus in your everyday life. Bullet Hole Annex in Belleville, NJ, offers a variety of classes in an indoor archery range that can develop these skills. They also have a pro shop where you can purchase all the bows, arrows, and other equipment you need. Call (973) 759-8800 or go online to learn more about their classes.

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