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Auto Repair Shop Shares 3 Ways to Avoid Collisions in the Rain October 12, 2017

East Hanover, Morris County
Auto Repair Shop Shares 3 Ways to Avoid Collisions in the Rain, East Hanover, New Jersey

Getting into an accident can be an emotionally unsettling experience, and driving during rainy weather conditions can increase the odds of a wreck. Aside from having to deal with possible injuries, you also have to spend time and money on getting your vehicle restored. If you’re in or around Morris County, NJ, you can depend on C&L Auto Body, a leading auto repair shop and collision center in East Hanover, to fix the damage your car has incurred.

With the rainy season fast approaching, here are some tips on how to avoid collisions when driving in the rain:

  • Slow Down: Even moderate rains can drastically reduce your vision. Driving slower will allow you to better anticipate potential situations that could lead to a collision. Wet driving conditions also result in loss of tire traction, also known as hydroplaning. It will be more difficult to regain control of your vehicle if you’re driving fast.

  • auto repair shopKeep Your Distance: Under normal conditions, it’s safe to put a three- to four-second gap between your car and the vehicle in front. When driving in the rain, however, it’s advisable to increase this distance to at least five seconds. This should give you enough time to react to whatever the other drivers will do.

  • Deactivate Cruise Control: For long trips in dry weather, cruise control helps reduce driver fatigue by automatically controlling the car’s speed for a comfortable ride. However, this function is unsuitable for use in wet driving conditions where vigilance and the ability to quickly change speed is more important.

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, you may still find yourself getting involved in an unfortunate accident. Fortunately, restoring your car to its pre-collision state is a breeze with C&L Auto Body. This auto repair shop specializes in all types of collision repair services, including dent repair and auto detailing, among others. Give this auto repair shop a call at (973) 428-4747 or visit their website for more information.

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