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What You Should Look for in an Audiologist September 21, 2017

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What You Should Look for in an Audiologist, Norwich, Connecticut

People looking for hearing loss treatment face various challenges, including finding the right healthcare professional to consult. One thing is for certain — you will need an audiologist. These hearing doctors specialize in the treatment of hearing loss, balance disorders, and tinnitus in children and adults. They conduct comprehensive hearing exams to diagnose the patient’s condition then recommend the best hearing device and rehabilitation program.

What to Look for in an Audiologist

As a patient, it is important to know the right credentials an audiologist should carry, including Au. D — Doctor of Audiology, ABA — American Board of Audiology, and CCC-A — Certificate of Clinical Compliance in Audiology. These certifications should be listed on their website or displayed on plaques in their clinics. It is likely that you will be consulting your audiologist for an extended period, so assess the quality of their customer service during your first visit. Do they accommodate questions courteously? Are there long waiting times? Choose an audiologist who listens to you patiently and makes you feel comfortable.

audiologistAnother factor you should consider when looking for an audiologist is the state of their facility and the presence of specialized equipment. Hearing tests should be conducted in sound treated rooms with calibrated equipment. A clinic that has been in business for 20 or 30 years will likely provide excellent service and care. Additional patient benefits to consider include convenient clinic locations, flexible office hours, and a wide selection of hearing aids. Local websites and customer testimonials can also help you decide which audiologist clinic to choose.

If you think you’re experiencing hearing loss or other auditory issues, drop by County Hearing And Balance in Madison, CT, for evaluation. For over 41 years, their team of licensed audiologists has been serving the community with high-quality care. Call (203) 245-1950 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more.

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