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3 Facts to Know About Midwife Services October 2, 2017

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3 Facts to Know About Midwife Services, Lebanon, Connecticut

When it comes to deciding which birth plan works best for your wants and needs, enlisting the help of a home birth midwife can help you feel more confident in the labor and delivery process. But, there are many misconceptions about what a midwife does and how they can help soon-to-be moms. Here, Nancy at Traditional Midwifery Care in Lebanon, CT, shares some facts about what these services can do for you.

Midwife Services: What to Know

1. They Strive to Fit Your Ideal Birth Plan

While birth doesn’t always go completely as planned, a back up plan is always part of the arrangement with your homebirth. Many deviations from “normal” can be dealt with in the home setting but a hospital transfer can and does occur, (roughly 10% of the time.)  In those instances your midwife stays with you and becomes a liaison to the staff regarding your birthing records and then functions as labor support and consumer advocate.  This continuity of care is critical when this situation occurs. 

2. Midwives Are There After the Birth, Too

The midwife is not only there for prenatal visits and active labor and birth in your home but comes to check in on mother and baby within 24 hours and again twice the first week of birth.

Typically there are two follow up office visits addressing each woman’s individual needs in a holistic way.

midwife services

3. Midwives Focus on a Natural Experience

Above all, your midwife will help you have a safe and natural experience. “Birth is as safe as life gets” to quote the wise and beautiful Harriette Hartigan. Through extensive prenatal care and education many pain management techniques are discussed such as use of water in labor, but each woman is individual and has different needs and desires.

If you’re pregnant and want to learn more about how midwifery care can help you, contact Nancy at Traditional Midwifery Care in Lebanon, CT. For more information about her visit Nancy’s website online, or call (860) 463-7674 to speak directly with her.

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