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The Value of Your Windshield & Urgency for Repair November 22, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
The Value of Your Windshield & Urgency for Repair, Rochester, New York

Almost everyone has experienced the frustrations of windshield damage. The ugly chips begin to spread until your windshield is an eyesore that you can’t even see through. FB Glass in Rochester, NY, wants to emphasize that this issue is far more than cosmetic. One auto glass repair expert from their team has explained the purpose of your windshield and why you should correct any problems as soon as possible.

The Purpose of Your Windshield

auto glass repairYour car’s windshield serves a major safety purpose, particularly in the event of an accident. During a collision, 45% of your vehicle’s structural integrity is produced by the windshield. In the case of a rollover crash, this number increases to 60%. In other words, a poorly installed or damaged windshield can be fatal in an accident.

A majority of this integrity comes from a vinyl lining between the two panes of glass that holds pieces in place during an impact. Once a chip or crack has damaged this lining, the glass becomes more likely to separate and cause injury.

Why You Should Repair or Replace

Driving without proper windshield crack repair poses a safety risk to you, your passengers, and surrounding drivers. These cracks can expand, making it difficult for you to see other obstacles on the road. Furthermore, because the integrity of your windshield has already been compromised, a hard bump or piece of debris can easily shatter the glass.

According to an auto glass repair technician, chips larger than a quarter or spider web cracks cannot be fixed but must be replaced immediately. While windshield replacement is slightly more expensive, the safety of your family is certainly worth the investment.

Since you’re aware of the structural properties of your windshield, if there’s any damage or you need auto glass replacement, call the team at FB Glass. They will get the job done quickly with the exceptional customer service of a local small business, and they’ll even direct bill your insurance for you. Call the office at (585) 441-1209, or visit the website for more information, so you can get back on the road safely following their auto glass repair services.

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