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3 Ways Meditation Affects Mental Health in Children September 28, 2017

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3 Ways Meditation Affects Mental Health in Children, Lincoln, Nebraska

Meditation has become a mainstream mental health treatment for many people, and it’s not exclusive to adults. According to the staff at Nebraska Mental Health Centers in Lincoln, meditation has many benefits for children, helping them both inside and outside the classroom. Below, this trusted clinic further explains the reasons kids should practice meditation.

3 Benefits of Meditation for Children

1. Improved Attention

As children grow, a myriad of different factors are constantly vying for their attention. Sometimes, their curiosity can distract them from what they should be paying attention to, and getting them to focus is difficult. Some parents turn to medication, but meditation is proving to be an effective substitute. By quieting their inquisitive minds, meditation reduces stress and tension so kids can become more clear-headed. Practicing this regularly will help them learn to control their attention at all times.

2. Better Grades

mental healthAt any age, education carries stress. It’s such an integral part of children’s lives that they can’t afford to miss crucial subjects. Likewise, they also shouldn’t deal with constant stress. Meditation creates a balance. It’s proven to put the mind at ease while also increasing focus, leading to better performance in school. By creating clarity and managing mental health, meditation will help kids with their homework, as well as in the classroom, as they’ll be more focused, less stressed, and willing to take on complex challenges.

3. Regulating Emotions

Children are highly susceptible to grief, stress, depression, and other emotions. Childhood is an extremely important part of emotional development, and impactful events can resonate for the rest of their lives. Knowing how to handle these aspects of mental health can be difficult for kids; however, meditation helps them learn to regulate emotion. In managing negative emotion, children also learn how to leverage confidence. This helps them establish a healthy equilibrium that benefits their mental health.

To learn more about the benefits of meditation or explore mental health services for your child, turn to the professionals at Nebraska Mental Health Centers. They offer a variety of neuropsychological services, and a psychiatrist will help with any issues your child is experiencing. Call (402) 483-6990 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website and Facebook for more information.

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