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3 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Service September 20, 2017

La Crosse, La Crosse County
3 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Service, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Buying a family home or renting your first apartment is an exciting and rewarding experience. To not only find the right place to live but also make the process as smooth as possible, hiring a real estate service is always your best strategy. The typical cost of hiring an agent is 3% of the total sales price, and most recent homebuyers say it’s money well spent. Here are a few reasons why.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Service

1. Access to Available Homes

real estate agentAnyone can get on Google and search for available homes in the area, but real estate agencies have exclusive access to homes for sale and apartments for rent not found on typical sites like Trulia® and Zillow®. Sometimes, the best homes in the neighborhood aren’t actively advertised. It could be part of the seller’s preference or because a highly desirable property doesn’t need the pomp of an online advertisement. Either way, an agent will show you properties you otherwise would never know about.

2. Expert Negotiation

If you want the best deal on your real estate transaction, there is no way to avoid a negotiation. The property owners will try to get as much money as possible, and it’ll be up to you to determine what’s reasonable and what isn’t. When you hire a real estate service, you have an experienced professional on your side of the table. They know the data on comparable listings and have experience negotiating deals.

3. Paperwork

After all the home tours, negotiations, and decision-making, it’ll be time to take on the paperwork. If you’ve bought a house before, you know the long contracts required to complete the transaction are enough to fill an entire shelf in your office. One missed signature or unchecked box could halt the process. But with an agent, you pass on that responsibility to someone who knows the contract lingo and understands exactly what’s needed to ensure smooth signing.


Munson Realty has owned a reputation for providing reliable real estate service in the La Crosse, WI, area since 1988. Whether you’re a student at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse looking for a studio apartment or you need a comfortable new home for your family, they’re ready to assist. Schedule a meeting with a real estate agent by calling (608) 785-7187. Visit their website to start browsing listings today.

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