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5 Foolproof Tips for Booking a Prom Limo September 29, 2017

Waterbury, New Haven County
5 Foolproof Tips for Booking a Prom Limo, Waterbury, Connecticut

If you’ve waited for prom night all year long, it’s only right to make the experience as memorable as possible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by renting a limo with your friends. You can arrive at your school’s venue in style and cap off the evening in luxury.

Before making a reservation, though, there are several matters you should consider:

  • Do Your Research: There are many types of limousines to choose from, including stretch and sedan models, so familiarize yourself with them to find those that suit your needs. List at least three limo rental companies, check their websites, and read online reviews to ensure quality service. 

  • limoDetermine the Capacity: Finalize the number of people who will share the ride with you. A sedan limousine can only fit two to three individuals comfortably. Stretch models exceed this, leaving room for six, eight, and 10. Meanwhile, super stretch limousines have a seating capacity of 14 to 20 people.

  • Check It Out: If possible, book a local company so you can see the limo in person and take a peek at what’s inside, including the seats and amenities. If the vehicle isn’t available for viewing, ask the company if they can send you photos instead. 

  • Make an Early Reservation: Spring is popular for weddings and proms. As such, limo rentals are in high demand during this season. To avoid the rush, secure your reservation early, at least a couple of months ahead of your intended date and time.

  • Verify Service Payment: Be aware of a company’s rental fees and extra charges. Expect rates to vary according to the day and time of the reservation. For instance, weekday rates are cheaper compared to those on the weekend. Security deposits may also be involved. 


If you need reliable, clean, professional, and luxurious ground transportation for an upcoming occasion, Expressway Limousines in Waterbury, CT, is the ideal choice. Their impressive fleet of rental limousines can get you to your destination in style whether it be for prom night, a wedding, or a romantic getaway. Book now by calling (203) 574-2828 or visit their website for more information.

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