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5 Intriguing Facts About Latin Cuisine September 20, 2017

Downtown Paterson, Paterson
5 Intriguing Facts About Latin Cuisine, Paterson, New Jersey

We often take for granted the fact that delicious food is only a quick order away. New Jersey locals rely on Mamajuana Café Paterson to serve up the most authentic and flavorful Latin cuisine in the area. But what is it about this food that makes it so special? Here, they share five interesting facts about Latin American cuisine.

5 Latin Cuisine Facts

1. It Consists of Different Countries

Latin cuisineIt’s not unusual to wrongly mistake Latin cuisine for Mexican food. Latin America, though, consists of many different countries, and each boasts unique cultures and culinary landscapes. Latin restaurants prepare a mélange of dishes that honor these regions.

2. It Redefines the Tortilla

Many may confuse Latin eateries for Spanish restaurants. Interestingly, tortillas aren’t actually used in Spain’s cuisine. In fact, the word “tortilla” refers to an omelette in Spain. In Latin American culture, though, tortillas are widely used.

3. It Spices Up Rice & Beans

Rice and beans are staples of Latin cuisine, but they aren’t typically prepared the same way every time. Various countries cook them differently. You may receive a plate of slow-cooked black beans for dinner in Cuba, while Mexican culture favors pinto beans.

4. It Has Global Influence

Pay close attention to the distinctive flavors of Latin cuisine the next time you enjoy it for dinner. African cuisine played a strong role in Mexican meat-preparation techniques, and many Latin restaurants have introduced Asian-influenced dishes to their menus.

5. It Is Tied to Tradition

Some regions perform rituals related to food. For example, in some areas, leftover bread is kissed before it’s discarded. On the first day of a new year, many residents eat lentils because they’re considered a sign of wealth and good luck.

Latin cuisine is filling, delicious, and fascinating. The next time you’re in town, visit Mamajuana Café Paterson and enjoy a freshly prepared meal at the beloved restaurant. Check the website to view their menu, or call (973) 925-5172 for reservations.

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