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3 Popular Granite Memorial Designs September 29, 2017

Troy, Bradford
3 Popular Granite Memorial Designs, Troy, Pennsylvania

Choosing a granite memorial for your loved one is the perfect way to pay tribute to their accomplishments. Granite is a natural material commonly utilized in headstones, markers, and monuments for its strength, beauty, and versatility. It can withstand etching, carving, sandblasts, and polishing to reveal exquisite results. Read on to learn about popular memorial designs that have stood the test of time.

3 Favored Granite Memorial Designs

1. Military Memorials

Military memorials honor the contributions and sacrifices of veterans. It’s a symbolic gesture in remembrance of their courage, valor, and duty to their country. The veteran’s name, rank, and service dates are often engraved on the memorial along with a significant phrase or religious passage that was held dear by the deceased or their family.

2. Religious Monuments

Granite MemorialTraditional religious art, such as the cross, Virgin Mary, the dove, or Alpha and Omega symbols, has been turned into gorgeous granite memorials throughout history. Additionally, the Celtic cross, cherub, and Buddhist symbols have also held special meaning throughout the centuries and remain popular memorial choices today.

3. Grave Markers

Engraved memorial markers such as headstones and tombstones are a historical custom that remains common today. Grave markers are often inscribed with an epitaph that reveals some insight into the deceased person’s character or occupation, A passage from a favorite poem or religious text is often engraved.


When it’s time to select a granite memorial, contact the caring professionals at Troy Marble & Granite Works in Bradford County, PA. Their considerate team can help you choose a meaningful tribute for your cherished loved one. Call (570) 297-2700, or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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