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3 Various Ways Dogs Show Affection September 28, 2017

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3 Various Ways Dogs Show Affection, Walworth, New York

Dogs are loving, affectionate creatures who want nothing more than to show their human friends how much they love them. Every dog is different, but the species has evolved to display similar body language across breeds to communicate their emotions. The dog training specialists at Orchard Kennels in Walworth, NY, work with large dogs on a daily basis. From puppy to full grown adult, the experts explain the three most common ways canines show affection below.

3 Ways Dogs Show Affection Explained By NY's Top Dog Training Specialists

1. Jumping

dog trainingWhile it's not always the most pleasing sign of affection, especially with big dogs, jumping is often a sign of their excitement and desire to greet you. It usually occurs in an attempt to lick your face, which is another common way that they say "I love you" to their human comrades. While their intentions are good, it can be dangerous for dogs to jump on humans, so if it's common habit with your furry friend, consider professional dog training to teach them other greeting methods.

2. Tail Wags

Tail wagging is one of the most obvious ways that a dog shows affection. Large, dramatic circle motions are a sign of excitement and happiness, and sometimes, the whole back of their body becomes involved. However, don't mistake a raised tail for a wagging tail, because the former is actually a warning sign that they're uncomfortable and need their space.

3. Leaning

When a dog leans against their human, it's essentially a canine snuggle. For many dogs, leaning their weight against you while you pat them serves to display their trust and affection. This dog-hug typically only occurs when they feel comfortable with a human, so it's more likely to happen with individuals within their family unit and not new acquaintances.

Your dog loves you, but sometimes they show it in non-productive manners like jumping. You can teach them how to show affection safely with the help of the canine experts at Orchard Kennels. Serving the Greater Rochester area, the team specializes in dog training and large dog boarding. According to these dog lovers, the bigger the dog, the better, which is why they offer a large rural location to meet the exercise and play needs of canines over 35 pounds. Learn more about the kennel and their services online or by calling (315) 986-1605.

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