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Why Fall Is the Best Season for Moving September 20, 2017

Westridge, Sedalia
Why Fall Is the Best Season for Moving, Sedalia, Colorado

Are you considering moving in the near future? While school may have already started and everyone tends to be busier, not many people realize fall is the best time of year to move. The professional movers at Checkmate Moving and Storage have been serving the Denver, CO, area for years, and they’ve outlined why the fall season is the best to move.

3 Reasons to Move in the Fall


movingMost moving companies offer lower rates and incentives during the fall season. Fall is considered an offseason for most residential movers. By shopping around and conducting some price comparisons, clients can save a lot on a move that would have been far more expensive in the summertime.

Mover Flexibility

The fall season is a little-known secret in the residential moving industry. Most students have moved into their dorms, and home hunters usually turn their focus back to work after a summer of shopping for new homes. However, if you find yourself in the fortunate position to move during the fall season, your movers will likely have more flexibility with scheduling.


As temperatures cool, your residential movers will have more energy on hand to complete your move efficiently. The cooler weather reduces dehydration and allows your movers to work with precision. You won’t have to worry about the intense heat of the summer or the freezing winds of the winter to slow you down.

Fall is a beneficial time to consider your upcoming residential move. If you have questions or concerns regarding moving during this time of year, the experts at Checkmate Moving and Storage in Highlands Ranch are on hand to help you out. They also offer secure temporary storage facilities if you’re not quite ready to move into your new home. Call them today at (303) 346-6683 or visit their website for more information. 

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