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Why Do People Love Golf Courses? October 9, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
Why Do People Love Golf Courses?  , Ewa, Hawaii

People of all ages, skill sets, and walks of life love swinging a golf club, watching the ball soar over verdant hills and sink into the hole. The first golf course in the United States opened as early as 1794, and the sport has remained an iconic, beloved American favorite ever since.

Regular golfers intrinsically understand the allure: the fresh-cut grass, the nuances of the course, and the beauty of the game. However, the friendly team from Royal Kunia Country Club in Waipahu, HI, sets out to explore why golf courses remain so beloved.

What’s the Hype About Golf Courses? 

Nature & Novelty

Sure, people love golf courses because they love playing golf. But talk to any avid or recreational player, and you’ll probably find there’s more to it than that. In addition to the love of the game, there’s something crisp and refreshing about taking in the sprawling acreage of fresh, perfectly manicured grass.

golf-courseOften, golf courses are placed in prime real estate locations, which means players can enjoy stunning ocean side views or pastel-colored sunsets while they swing and putt. Unlike when you play tennis or basketball, when you play at a golf course, you have hours to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Regular golfers also particularly love exploring new courses, as well as frequenting their favorite spots.

Vacation & Relaxation

Golf courses are often associated with vacation destinations, beach resorts, and, in general, lush and lavish living. When you need a break, an expansive golf course is the perfect getaway. While you soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air, you also get to exercise, have fun, and enjoy conversation and a little healthy competition shared with friends. What’s not to love?

You don’t need to be a golf champion to enjoy a leisurely game at a beautiful course. For a scenic golf course you’ll love to visit on your next island adventure, head to Royal Kunia Country Club in Waipahu, HI. To learn more about golf lessons or reservations, call a helpful professional today at (808) 688-9222. You can also visit the public golf course online

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