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4 Valuable Septic Maintenance Tips November 6, 2017

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4 Valuable Septic Maintenance Tips, Port Orchard, Washington

Routine upkeep goes a long way toward extending the lifespan of your septic system. That’s why it’s important to learn septic maintenance tips from the friendly experts at Kitsap Septic. Proudly serving customers in and around Port Orchard, WA, this locally owned and family-operated business offers septic services that will keep your system clean and functional. Here, they provide a simple upkeep guide.

4 Tips for Septic Maintenance

1. Schedule Regular Inspections

As a general rule, you should have your septic system professionally inspected every three to five years. Your company will be able to put you on an inspection schedule that best suits the needs of your particular system, making sure all components are in working order.

2. Remember to Pump Your Tank

Pumping your tank is crucial to avoiding back flow, system failures, and other potentially costly issues. When you pump your tank, you will keep solids from entering the drain field and causing inconvenient problems. Whatever you do, don’t wait until you notice signs of trouble to pump your tank.

3. Don’t Overload Your Tank

septic maintenanceGive your septic tank a break by using energy-efficient appliances and limiting your water usage as much as possible. Use a heavy object to displace the water in your toilet, and install aerators in your faucets to minimize the flow of water.

4. Watch What Goes Down Your Drains

Certain items and materials simply never, ever belong down your drains. To avoid nasty clogs, avoid flushing paper towels, diapers, and facial tissue down your toilets, and never pour grease or coffee grounds down your drains.

From septic inspections and maintenance to cleaning, pumping, and repairs, rely on Kitsap Septic when you want to keep your system clear and serviceable. Give them a call at (360) 871-5258 today to speak with a welcoming customer service representative about scheduling an appointment for septic maintenance, and visit them online for more information.

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