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Mommy and Me Circus Style! September 12, 2017

Robertsville, Monmouth County
Mommy and Me Circus Style!, Robertsville, New Jersey

Mommy and Me classes are popular for that special bonding time between parent and child. Creating memories and building a child’s confidence not to mention and great way to get away from home and socialize with other kids and their parents.

The New Jersey Circus Center presents something unique.. A Mommy and Me class with a Circus twist!  Sing, move, create, and explore in a fun nurturing environment where your child’s uniqueness is celebrated.

Classes foster language skills, increase confidence, help gain strength, balance and body awareness through juggling games, imaginative play, sing a longs, specialized play equipment, yoga and more. Build those special bonds of trust while hanging on the trapeze or walking the tight wire.  

Themed days will offer your child as well as mom, dad or caregiver an opportunity to socialize and meet new friends. Sign up today for lots of smiles and laughter. Follow this link to register for new classes.

Sign up here.

The current session of classes runs every Thursday starting on September 21 through November 2 from 10 – 10:45 a.m. Classes are also very affordable at only $85.00 for the session. 

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