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Different Types of Plant Food & How to Use Them September 21, 2017

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Different Types of Plant Food & How to Use Them, Foristell, Missouri

It’s important to provide your plants with key nutrients to ensure they grow to their full potential. That means knowing what type of plant food they need at each stage of life, as well as the amount to keep them healthy. Vehige Enterprises, the go-to agricultural service center in the Foristell, MO, area, share a few tips on how you can effectively feed your garden. 

What You Should Know About Using Plant Food


There are essentially three different types of plant food available: liquid, fertilizer, and granular. Granular food is best to use before planting, and liquid food is easier to absorb after planting. You should also ask an expert if fertilizer sticks are necessary. They release nutrients slowly over the course of a season and are useful depending on what type of plant you are growing.


To properly feed a plant granular food, you need about one cup of food for every pound of soil. Mix it throughout the soil with a rake before planting.

When you switch to liquid food, you should fill your watering can with a gallon of water, then mix in two tablespoons of liquid food. Instead of watering the plant directly, water the soil around it.

You should insert fertilizer sticks into the ground at a 45-degree angle. Position them about one inch away from your plants and one foot away from any other fertilizer sticks in the area.

Your greenery requires specific types of plant food, as well as custom feeding schedules, so it’s always a good idea to talk with an expert if you’re unsure about what your plant needs. At Vehige Enterprises, in Foristell, MO, they’ve been offering this kind of advice for more than 20 years. They’ll make sure you get the ideal products for your plants, and they’ll answer any questions you have about using them. Contact them online for more information, or call (636) 673-2202.

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