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3 Septic Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Drain Field September 19, 2017

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3 Septic Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Drain Field, Jackson Center, Pennsylvania

When you have a septic tank, you know it needs regular pumping, inspections, and repairs from an experienced professional to keep working properly. Many homeowners don’t realize that additional septic maintenance tasks are required to protect the drain field. This is an essential part of the septic system and must be taken care of to ensure the whole system works the way it should. The following guide outlines three important tips that will protect this part of your yard.

Avoid Adding Pressure to the Drain Field

The soil that makes up the drain field needs to be loose, so it can filter water from the septic system. Heavy objects like cars, trailers, and above-ground pools can compress the dirt and damage the system’s pipes. Even building a patio over the drain field can add pressure and cause harm.

septic maintenance Jackson Center PAChoose Plants Carefully

Pressure from above isn’t the only threat to your septic system. Trees and bushes with deep roots can clog or even break the pipes. Only plants with shallow, sprawling roots should be placed above or near the drain field. Many grass and flower species are safe to plant in this area, as they will not interfere with septic maintenance.

Reposition Gutters & Downspouts 

The soil in the drain field needs to be dry, so it can absorb wastewater. If it becomes saturated, the system can back up. This problem often occurs when there is too much liquid in the tank, but it can also arise when rainwater from the gutters is emptied onto the drain field. Make sure the downspouts connected to your gutters are pointed away from this part of the lawn. This keeps excess moisture away from the drain field, so it works properly.


For 30 years, homeowners throughout Jackson Center, PA, have counted on Patterson Septic Service to protect their drain fields and wastewater systems. Their skilled technicians provide comprehensive septic maintenance and repairs, including pumping and cleaning. Call (724) 662-3996 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their septic services.