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Rockford Collision Repair Experts Explain What You Need to Know About Airbags September 22, 2017

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Rockford Collision Repair Experts Explain What You Need to Know About Airbags, Greenfield, Minnesota

Airbags are one of the most important safety features installed in vehicles. Typically, airbag systems are built into the steering wheel, dashboard, and side panels of a car. They are designed to inflate quickly when the impact from a car accident is forceful enough for them to be deployed. These systems have saved numerous lives and prevented many injuries from being more serious. As Rockford, MN’s leading collision repair service, Autoworks Collision Center has vast experience restoring vehicles after they’ve been in a crash. They also offer a variety of maintenance services to keep drivers as safe as possible on the road.

collision repairAirbags have crash sensors that tell the system when an auto collision has taken place. This is what makes an airbag deploy. When a powerful impact has been detected, the inflator will set off a chemical charge, and the airbag will fill with an explosion of nitrogen gas. As it swells up, it will be forced to burst through the panels where it has been contained, filling up the space around the driver and passengers. Airbags save lives by providing cushioning between a person and the windshield and other components of the car. Without this system, an occupant’s head or chest may be struck hard, causing severe head trauma or internal injuries.

Although airbags are made to last for the lifetime of the vehicle, there is some potential for the system’s mounts to eventually start to deteriorate. In the case a warning light signals such a problem, it’s crucial for the car to be brought into a collision repair shop right away to be inspected. An auto expert will be able to identify the exact issue and fix it before an accident occurs and the airbag fails to inflate and protect the vehicle’s occupants

Since their introduction to the automotive industry decades ago, airbags have saved a countless number of lives. Because they’re such a crucial part of any vehicle, it’s vital not to ignore any warning sign that indicates a possible failure in the system. Contact Autoworks Collision Center at (763) 477-6653 or visit their website for additional information on the maintenance and collision repair services they offer.

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