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NY's Best Locksmith Explains How Locks Work September 28, 2017

New York, New York
NY's Best Locksmith Explains How Locks Work, New York, New York

Odds are you use a lock every single day as keys are essential to gaining access to your home, vehicle, office, or even gym locker. With all the keys in your pocket, it’s easy to overlook how these handy items work. Cheetah Locksmith NYC is known for providing top-notch locksmith services throughout the city. When completing repairs or emergency calls, they often discuss how these devices operate. 

NY’s Trusted Locksmith Discusses How Locks Work

Combination Locks

Combination pads are commonly seen on school lockers, storage units, and even bicycles. Instead of requiring a key, these padlocks are unlocked using a unique code. When you turn the dial to the correct numbers, a wheel pack is triggered. After proper alignment of each wheel, the locking mechanism is released. 

Pin & Tumbler LocksLocksmith

A pin and tumbler lock, on the other hand, requires a key. The interior has a series of pins that are spring loaded within small cylinders. When the matching key enters the keyhole, the notches line up perfectly against these pins to release it. Since the shape and notches must line up for the right springs to release, only the designated key can be used. It’s a great safety measure to ensure your home is safe from intruders. 

Locksmith Skills

A professional locksmith is a skilled worker who knows how to make keys, install and change locks, and help bypass them in emergency situations, such as misplacing your house or car keys. Due to the nature of locks, criminal background checks and on-the-job training under a master locksmith are required. 

When you need immediate assistance with lock repairs anywhere in New York City, Cheetah Locksmith NYC is your best bet. Check out their website, or call their offices today at (646) 549-3040 to learn more about their services. 

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