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5 Signs You Should Contact a Tree Specialist September 28, 2017

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5 Signs You Should Contact a Tree Specialist, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Sometimes, the signs you need to call a tree specialist will be obvious. Fallen trees and dangling branches, for instance, require prompt assistance from tree care experts. Yet, some indicators may require closer inspection.

Every so often, it is wise to inspect the trees on your property for the following signs you that may need to contact an arborist:

  • Low-Hanging Branches: When branches hang too low, it’s a sign you need help. Branches could wind up obstructing features on your property as they begin to grow outwards instead of upwards to compete for sunlight.
  • Dead Branches: Any time you spot dead branches among your trees, make a point to contact professionals. Left unaddressed, they could fall and cause damage to your property—or worse, harm anyone who’s walking underneath.
  • Odd Tree Shape: If your trees don’t appear to have the natural shape because the crown is unevenly distributed, tree specialists can help. They can trim branches to create a more visually appealing shape, which will also promote healthier growth among all of the tree’s branches.
  • Dense Crowns: tree specialistWhen you’re standing beneath your foliage, you should be able to spot sunlight seeping through. If no light passes through, it means the crown is too dense, and the lowest portions of the tree won’t be able to get adequate vitality to grow.
  • Crossed Branches: Without proper pruning, tree branches may cross over one another, which could lead to friction and eventually, decay. Recruit the help of tree specialists to proactively encourage healthy branch growth through targeted trimming.

While the conditions listed here don’t necessarily warrant an emergency call for tree care, taking the time to check your foliage for these symptoms could help you extend their lifespan, avoid the need for removal, and prevent hazardous conditions on your property.


If you have a home or business in the area of North Huntingdon, PA, Nelson Tree Company is the leading team of tree specialists to call. For more information about their broad range of services, call (724) 863-7682 to speak with an associate, or visit the company’s website. You can also like them on Facebook for daily, updated information.

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