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3 Leading Window Replacement Trends of 2017 September 20, 2017

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3 Leading Window Replacement Trends of 2017, Orchard Park, New York

Window replacement is among the most popular home improvement tasks, and for good reason: Sources like CNBC estimate they could deliver an ROI of 85%. Thus, not only will you enjoy gorgeous new windows when you choose to upgrade, but you can also reap back some of your investment by lowering bills and increasing your home’s curb appeal.

If you’re thinking about replacing your home’s windows, here are a few of the year’s leading trends so far to inspire you:

  • Big & Bright: Also referred to as “focal point windows,” large, looming windows are designed to serve as the room’s main focus. They immediately capture the eye of anyone who enters and drastically increase the room’s perceived amount of space. Spanning nearly the entire floor-to-ceiling length of a wall, focal point windows don’t just make a stunning statement—they also reduce the amount of energy you use to light your home, as the amount of natural light they let in is tremendous.  
  • Vinyl: One window material steadily rising in popularity is vinyl. As the leading option regarding affordability, vinyl comes in a variety of options and certainly doesn’t require you to go over your home improvement budget. Homeowners also like the material’s versatility, as vinyl can come in virtually any color to match perfectly with your home’s exterior.   
  • window replacement Buffalo NYEnergy-Efficient: Many eco-conscious homeowners are seeking sustainable options for virtually every household project they pursue, and window replacement is no exception. Nowadays, there are plenty of different types of energy-efficient windows available for you to choose from. Older windows will be more prone to air leakage, but new windows have tighter seals. In fact, upgrading to more efficient models could reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint by 12%, according to EnergyStar.gov.


Whether you choose to follow one of the trends listed here or do something completely different, Modern Window of New York is the Buffalo area’s leading source for window replacement. With a broad range of colors, energy-saving features, and styles to choose from, their selection boasts options to suit every homeowner’s unique preferences. To set up a consultation to discuss your dream windows, call (716) 873-8800 or send the window contractors a message through their website.

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