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Protect Your Home: 3 Differences Between Window Tinting & Low-E Glass September 19, 2017

Culver-Winton-Main, Rochester
Protect Your Home: 3 Differences Between Window Tinting & Low-E Glass , Rochester, New York

Have you ever thought about how much damage the sun causes inside your home? In addition to heating up your indoor air, ultraviolet light can also bleach your carpet and damage your furniture, which is why millions of Americans turn to window tinting and Low-E glass. Here are three of the biggest differences between window tinting and Low-E glass and how to tell which option is right for your home.

Application Method

window tintingUnlike window tinting, which is applied to the outside of the glass panes, Low-E glass employs a reflective coating that is applied to the interior side of the glass. This coating works by reflecting the light and heat back outside, while simultaneously preventing heat transfer from inside. Low-E coatings are considered permanent and thus cannot be removed, while tinting can be removed and updated if it needs to be replaced. 

Cleaning Limitations

Because Low-E coatings are cured and laminated onto the glass, they are much easier to clean than windows that have been tinted. Tinted windows need to be cleaned carefully to avoid scratches, and cleaning products that contain ammonia could damage the tinting.


One of the biggest differences between Low-E windows and tinted windows is how much light they absorb, which can shorten their lifespan. For example, because tinted windows only reflect around 7% of heat and light, they absorb up to 55% of the heat, which can put stress on the glass itself. On the other hand, the reflective coating of Low-E windows helps to reflect 33% of the light, reducing absorption to 32% and keeping the glass itself cooler—thus extending its usable life.


Are you ready to upgrade your home with window tinting or high-tech low-E glass? The professionals at Healthy Glass in Rochester, NY, are dedicated to helping you to keep your home safe, comfortable, and beautiful, which is why they offer everything from window tinting and awnings to specialty color films and aluminum patio roofs. For more information about their services, visit their website or call (585) 402-9224.

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