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Does Your Car Need an Oil Change? A Look at Your Top 3 Options September 19, 2017

Goshen, Orange
Does Your Car Need an Oil Change? A Look at Your Top 3 Options, Goshen, New York

Getting a regular oil change for your car is vital to preserving your engine and keeping your vehicle running for years to come. However, with so many oils available, finding the right option for your automobile can be a difficult process. With help from an experienced mechanic at Warwick Car Wash Oil Express or Goshen Car Wash Oil Express in Orange County, NY, you’ll get the best oil change for your vehicle. Their dedicated team explains the difference between the most commonly used motor oils so you can better understand your options and make the best choice for your car.


Oil ChangeIf you have an older vehicle or only use your car for short daily commutes and errands, conventional motor oil may be suitable for your needs. This lubricant is made from crude oil and contains none of the additives and enhancements of more expensive synthetic blends. If you choose to use a conventional oil, you’ll need to schedule maintenance more frequently to ensure your engine runs optimally.

Synthetic Blend

Synthetic blends are a mixture of conventional and synthetic oils. These blends feature high-quality additives designed to support your engine over the long run, keeping it lubricated even under higher temperatures. Most drivers of SUVs, work trucks, and other vehicles designed to handle more than a drive down the highway require a synthetic blend. However, this oil can be used on almost any make and model of vehicle, and it is guaranteed to better protect your engine than conventional oil alone.

Full Synthetic

Full synthetic oils are the longest lasting and provide superior protection for your engine. Unlike blends and conventional oils, these lubricants are completely synthetic and designed to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. This option is highly recommended if you use your vehicle during the cold New York winters, want to reduce the frequency of oil changes, and want to give your engine the best care possible.

The next time you need an oil change, stop by Warwick Car Wash Oil Express or Goshen Car Wash Oil Express and let their team take care of your vehicle. Learn more about their services online and see the difference an experienced auto repair team can make. To schedule an appointment, call (845) 986-9966 for their Warwick location and (845) 294-2488 for their Goshen shop.

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