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3 Reasons Deck Staining Is Too Important to Ignore September 28, 2017

Ossining, Westchester
3 Reasons Deck Staining Is Too Important to Ignore, Ossining, New York

Wooden decks are perfect for family parties, lazy summer afternoons, and every moment in between, but they also require a set amount of maintenance. They’re extensions of your indoor living space, but year-long exposure to sun and moisture makes regular deck staining a necessity. Staining will protect your investment and ensure your favorite outdoor area is always up for the challenge of entertaining.

Whether it is old or new, here are the top three reasons to consider deck staining:

  • Moisture Protection: Wood and water have always posed a problem. As moisture soaks into the porous wood grain, the boards of your deck will grow soft and expand. Mold will grow on the wood’s surface, and mildew will take hold in the tiny cracks and crevices. Eventually, water from rain and snow will cause your deck to rot. You’ll be forced to replace individual planks until it’s time to rebuild.
  • deck stainingSun Barrier: Water isn’t the only outdoor element that will threaten the structural stability of your deck. Hot summer days are best spent outside, but the rays that darken your skin also change the color and shape of your deck. Constant sunlight will fade the wood and warp its shape. The planks will become dry and brittle, and they’ll be more prone to cracks and damage. Regular deck staining acts as a protective barrier to block the worst of the sun’s rays.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Besides the practical purposes of deck stain that extend the lifespan of the wood, coating the boards in a stain also improves the appearance. You have the option to choose the color you like best, and wood will always look better when it’s well cared for. Deck staining upholds the natural beauty of the wood while safeguarding the integrity of the structure.


You could buy a can of stain and spend a weekend on the project, but like any other kind of painting, hiring a team of painting contractors will guarantee the best results with no hassle or frustration. Homeowners in the Ossining, NY, area haven been trusting C.E.T. Painting since 2004. They handle everything from pressure washing to exterior painting. Request a free estimate for deck staining by calling (914) 615-1415, or visit their website for more information.

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