Upper East Side, New York
888 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10065
(212) 628 2700
New York City’s language learning center for kids is conveniently located on Manhattan’s tree-lined Upper East Side. Through enrichment classes and the internationally recognized Thibaut Technique®, The Language Workshop for Children helps kids as young as six months develop foreign language skills. Located on the corner of 66th Street and Lexington Avenue, LWFC has a variety of engaging language immersion programs in Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese languages for kids.

Sign up For the Language Nanny Enrichment Program February 3, 2015

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Sign up For the Language Nanny Enrichment Program, Manhattan, New York

Put your second language to optimum use by enrolling in the Language Workshop for Children at Small World Connect and receive your Language Nanny Certification.

Small World Connect boasts one of the best learning centers for children with world-renown language techniques and instruction on teaching children how to speak French, Italian, Spanish and a myriad of other languages. Now with the new Language Nanny program, anyone with a second language can use their methods to teach children new languages effectively.

After completing only 10 hours of instruction, language nannies will have the right skills to impress the correct ways of learning upon little ones. Oftentimes, children who are exposed to bilingual caregivers do not learn how to manage bilingualism in a way that presents optimum learning. And, unfortunately, the window of opportunity to teach new languages in an effortless way does not last forever. With Language Nanny training, you’ll learn about the “critical period” for optimum learning, as well as:

  • How to apply methods for correct bilingual learning
  • Tricks to correct vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation blunders
  • What are the best props and activities for teaching
  • How to recognize when the child has reached a bilingual benchmark
  • How age affects the child’s view of the world
  • Assessment of learning styles
  • How to avoid learning mistakes
  • Family influences
  • Developing fluency and understanding
  • How to correct poor patterns of speech, grammar and pronunciation

With Small World Connect, caregivers who speak a second language can finally learn exactly how to bestow their gift of language to youngsters. Enroll in Language Nanny training by calling (212) 628-2700 or visit the Small World Connect Language Workshop for Children online for more information about their enrichment programs. 

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