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Throw Your Next Kid's Party at the Top-Rated Spot in New Jersey! September 27, 2017

Robertsville, Monmouth County
Throw Your Next Kid's Party at the Top-Rated Spot in New Jersey!, Robertsville, New Jersey

Is your child’s birthday on the way? Kid’s parties can be difficult to plan, and with so many companies vying for your attention, which one should you choose? If you’re in the Morganville area, there’s no competition at all—New Jersey Circus Center has taken the cake as the #1 kid’s birthday destination in the state! Offering unique, one-of-a-kind experiences with memories to match, their kid’s parties are unbeatable.

3 Reasons to Hold Your Kid’s Party at New Jersey Circus Center

1. Simplify Your Party Planning

Celebrating with New Jersey Circus Center is as simple as setting the date. Select a cake, bring some snacks, and you’re good to go. The center will handle the rest, taking the hassle out of your hands. With multiple packages to choose from, there are options available for every age and group size.

2. Learn New Skills

kid's partiesNot only will the kids have the time of their lives, but they’ll also learn incredible new skills. Party packages include circus classes with the center’s experienced instructors, so juggling, tumbling, and aerial work are all part of the events, with activities catered to your child’s comfort level. When little ones conquer new aerial skills or master a tumbling trick, they’ll bring that confidence boost home.

3. Wow Your Guests

These one-of-a-kind kid’s parties create memories you can’t find anywhere else. With world-class coaches teaching circus classes and skills such as juggling and acrobatics, even the shyest partygoers will come out of their shells. Kids will enjoy fun-filled obstacle courses, rotate through ground and aerial skills, watch performers, take photos, and receive exclusive gift bags at the end.

At New Jersey Circus Center, kid’s parties emphasize excitement at its core; it’s no surprise they’re rated the state’s #1 spot to celebrate! If you want to throw a party, visit the website to learn more, or call (732) 705-3244 to speak with a friendly staff member today.