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Residential Cleaning Service Offers Tips to Organize Your Fridge September 27, 2017

Downtown Seattle, Seattle
Residential Cleaning Service Offers Tips to Organize Your Fridge, Seattle, Washington

Organizing your refrigerator is more than an excellent way to simplify your life. It also helps you save money by avoiding food waste and reducing energy loss that results from leaving the door open while you search for items you need. Excellence in Housekeeping, the leading residential cleaning service in Seattle, WA, understands the benefits of a clean, neat refrigerator and offers advice to get yours in order.

4 Fridge Organization Tips From a Residential Cleaning Service

Organize With Bins

Inexpensive plastic bins let you keep related items together and maximize space in your refrigerator. For instance, you can fill one container with sandwich fixings and others with condiments, leftovers, and produce. This strategy keeps items from getting lost in the back of the fridge and helps you find what you're looking for quickly.

Keep a Notepad Handy

Residential cleaning service Edgewood WAAttach a notepad to your refrigerator so you can write down items on a grocery list as soon as you notice your supply is low. This not only prevents you from running out of essentials like milk, eggs, and juice but keeps you from buying items before it’s necessary and cluttering your fridge.

Make Expiration Dates Visible

Residential cleaning services arrange perishable foods so their expiration dates can be seen easily. When you scan the contents of your refrigerator, you will see what must be consumed soon, helping you avoid food waste and the unpleasantness of mold growth and odors.

Use Door Storage Correctly

Refrigerator door shelves receive considerable exposure to warm air each time you open the appliance, so don't fill them with meats, leftovers, or other foods that require constant refrigeration. Use those shelves to store condiments, drinks, and other items that don't spoil readily.

Excellence in Housekeeping, the most experienced residential cleaning service in Seattle, WA, can keep your refrigerator, kitchen, and entire house clean and organized. They’re also a great resource for move-in and move-out cleaning when you're relocating to a new home. Visit their website for information about their services and call (206) 501-8302 to discuss your housekeeping needs.

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