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Seymour Janitorial Service Lists 3 Tips for Cleaning the Garage September 26, 2017

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Seymour Janitorial Service Lists 3 Tips for Cleaning the Garage, Seymour, Connecticut

For many people, the garage becomes a catch-all place to store items that are rarely used or don’t have a designated storage space. Cleaning out the room, then, is as much a decision-making process as it is a cleaning process. Eagle Cleaning Service, the leading office cleaning and janitorial service in Seymour, CT, offers some advice to help make the tasks more efficient. With a bit of planning, you can free up space, organize your belongings, and enjoy some peace of mind.

A Janitorial Service’s Guide to Garage Cleaning 

Set a Time Limit

Janitorial serviceAs any janitorial service will tell you, the first step of a cleaning project is to set a time limit for completion. For instance, give yourself a weekend to get the job done, and attack it head-on. Otherwise, you could find yourself picking away at the chore for weeks without making any real headway.  

Move Everything Out

Make sure you choose a weekend with fair weather because you're going to want to haul everything—old tires, bikes, sports equipment, outdated appliances—out of the garage and into the front yard or driveway. When you see the space as a blank slate, you’ll be able to determine viable solutions for it. 

Form 3 Stacks

Organize your belongings into three groups: items to keep, throw away, and sell or donate. When you finish creating these piles, immediately get rid of anything in the discard section so you don’t second guess your decisions. Place "For Sale" or "Free" signs on gently used items or take them to a local donation center. 

Sweep & Clean Garage

Sweep out the garage using a broom or leaf blower, and remove built-up debris and oil stains with a pressure washer. Clear away cobwebs, wipe down shelving units with a damp cloth, and shine the windows.


When returning the "to keep" items to your garage, make use of as much vertical space as possible by installing shelves or placing items in stackable plastic crates. Hang rakes and other tools on unused wall space, and store items in the rafters, if possible.

If you’d rather outsource the involved task of cleaning out your garage, call Eagle Cleaning Service, the most experienced carpet cleaning and janitorial service in Seymour, CT. Their seasoned team will enlist methods to maximize the space and boost its functionality. Visit their website to schedule a free estimate, or call (203) 881-2005 to discuss your options with a friendly professional.

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