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A Guide to Understanding Utility Vehicles & Their Types September 26, 2017

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A Guide to Understanding Utility Vehicles & Their Types, Granville, Ohio

Although they started out for off-the-road navigation, utility vehicles have gained massive popularity as personal and commercial modes of transportation. Available in many different types and designs, these vehicles serve a variety of recreational and practical purposes. Take a look at the various styles and how they serve as off- and on-the-road vehicles.

An Overview of Utility Vehicles & Their Types


Crossovers present the perfect blend of all-terrain and off-the-road operational capacity in a conventional car design. While their primary purpose still remains highway driving, their engines and tires are designed to negotiate with a wide range of terrains. The higher the engine’s horsepower, the better the vehicle’s ability to handle rough and uneven driving surfaces will be.

Rough Terrain Vehicles (RTVs)

Utility VehiclesAs its name suggests, a rough terrain vehicle (RTV) comprises many different features that help it glide through the roughest of territories. Their heavily textured tires provide a strong grip on rocky surfaces and keep your car in motion even when the weather conditions are rough. They serve extremely well at worksites in hard-to-reach areas and can also be used as general-purpose vehicles for towing and ground clearance. Thanks to their powerful engines, they can cruise across water and cover sloped heights with ease. Their standard four-wheel drive suspension powers up both the front and back tires for exceptional performance in difficult driving conditions.

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)

These utility vehicles are typically smaller in size than an RTV, but they provide room for hauling equipment and debris from one place to another. Since they are mostly used at worksites, they can accommodate at least one passenger to help out during the material transportation process. Their most heavy-duty versions can be used to carry items more than 1,300 pounds in weight.


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