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How Often Do You Really Need to Schedule Grease Trap Cleaning? September 26, 2017

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How Often Do You Really Need to Schedule Grease Trap Cleaning?, Corbin, Kentucky

Running a busy restaurant is a challenge. You have the staff to manage, equipment to repair, and customers to delight. Keeping your kitchen in good shape will ensure your team can create the best food possible  every day. In every kitchen, the single most important preventative maintenance task you can perform is grease trap cleaning. While there will always be spontaneous breakdowns and equipment malfunctions, regular grease trap cleaning will help prevent disruptive backups during the middle of service. But just how often should you have the trap cleaned? The team at Cox’s Septic Service in Corbin, KY, explains.

When to Schedule a Cleaning

Rather than waiting until your staff discovers a clog, it’s best to schedule a cleaning every three months. In the average restaurant, buildup in the grease trap after three months should be just starting to collect. However, if you run a particularly busy kitchen or have seen a sudden increase in business, you may want to schedule cleanings more frequently. Some kitchens may require one every month to prevent clogs simply because of the demands on the equipment. 

Why Grease Trap Cleaning Matters

Grease Trap CleaningWhen your system has a grease clog, your kitchen’s plumbing won’t work as efficiently, resulting in slow drains, unexpected backups, and possible damage to your equipment. While emergency grease trap cleaning services will help you take care of the clog, they won’t do anything to prevent the financial loss of a closed kitchen. Furthermore, emergency plumbing services themselves can be costly, eating into your revenue and your repair budget. Factoring a cleaning appointment into your routine maintenance every few months will save you money and time in the long run.

Stay on top of clogs by scheduling grease trap cleaning with Cox’s Septic Service. Their experienced septic tank maintenance team will help you keep your drains flowing year round. Visit their website for more information, and call (606) 528-­4782 to schedule an appointment.

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