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3 Autumn Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid September 26, 2017

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3 Autumn Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid, Randolph, New York

You might spend all summer watering and tending to your lawn, but fall is when the hard work really begins. Unfortunately, many homeowners give up as winter approaches, assuming there’s nothing more they can do until next year. However, careful lawn care during the autumn gives your grass the nutrition it needs to develop strong roots and prepare for next year’s growing season. Avoiding the following mistakes in the fall will ensure a beautiful, lush lawn come spring.

3 Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid in the Fall

1. Stop Mowing & Watering

lawn careWhile fall growth may not be as robust as it is during the summer, your lawn is still growing and developing roots, so keep watering until the end of the season. If autumn is rainier than the summer, water the lawn as needed, and gradually cut the grass shorter as temperatures cool. At the season closes, cut it down to two and a half inches.

2. Skip Core Aeration

If you want a lush, green lawn next spring, aerate in the fall. Aeration breaks up the soil, opening avenues through which vital nutrients, water, and fertilizer flow down to the roots. With proper over-seeding, professional aeration will help you fill in bald patches and make sure your grass looks young and fresh.

3. Forgetting to Fertilize

Even if your summer lawn care regimen doesn’t include fertilizer, you should still add a healthy treatment at the end of the year. While your lawn may appear dormant, the roots are still growing at a healthy pace, requiring nutrients that can be in short supply during the winter. Richer soil will also help your lawn bounce back when spring finally arrives.


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