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A Mailing Service Gives 5 Reasons to Shred Documents September 26, 2017

Plainview, Oyster Bay
A Mailing Service Gives 5 Reasons to Shred Documents, Oyster Bay, New York

It might seem far-fetched that anyone would go rooting through your garbage to find confidential details, but it does happen. If your company handles sensitive information, shredding documents is a necessity. If you don't have the resources for appropriate document disposal, find a mailing service to do it for you. Here are five reasons this is crucial.

A Mailing Service Explains Why Shredding Is Essential

1. Protects Your Clients

Every year, millions of people across America become the victims of identity theft. This crime can bring financial ruin on completely innocent people—and, if you aren't careful, those people could be your customers.

2. Protects Your Employees

Mailing ServiceCustomers aren't the only ones who have confidential information in your files. Your employees' records need to be kept safe—and when they're no longer needed, they should be shredded, not just tossed in the trash can.

3. Saves Space

You know how paper can pile up over time, filling cabinets and boxes throughout your office. If you have a protocol in place for discarding unneeded paperwork, you'll be able to keep your workspace clean.

4. Preserves Your Reputation

A data breach isn't just a problem for those whose information is stolen. You'll also face public scrutiny for your security practices when news of a breach becomes public. By taking care with copying services and shredding sensitive information, you're protecting your company's reputation.

5. Follows the Law

Legislation is becoming more strict regarding the ways businesses are required to protect clients' information. The specific laws that apply to your business will depend on the types of information you handle, but some basic precautions should be universal.

Don't let a credit card number or SSN slip into the wrong hands. Find a mailing service to handle your document disposal, or just shred the papers yourself.


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