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How Wind & Hail Can Damage Roof Shingles September 8, 2017

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
How Wind & Hail Can Damage Roof Shingles, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

As fall and winter storm seasons approach, Frank’s Roofing Solutions reminds homeowners that wind and hail can leave a lasting impact on roof shingles. Encouraging the local community to stay shielded against leaks and structural damage, this Marietta, GA, roofer explains what these elements can do and how you can reduce the associated risks.

A Guide to Wind & Hail Damage

How Do They Affect My Roof?

Shingles can be blown away if winds are strong enough. This may leave various parts of your home exposed, including decking and underlayment. When these areas remain open to the elements, the structure is at risk of water penetration and storm damage.

But wind damage isn’t always obvious. In some cases, the pressure of the wind can gradually reduce the effectiveness of the shingle seal. While it may still seem securely attached, a weakened seal could provide an easy entry point for future rainwater.

roof shinglesThe amount of damage caused by hail stones depends on how big they are at impact and how many fall from the sky. Larger hail stones leave massive depressions on roof shingles that dramatically affect the appearance and integrity of the structure. The force may also weaken the seal of the shingle, decreasing its water resistance and making it more likely to blow off in high winds.

When hit with hail, asphalt shingles will lose granules, reducing the protection the roof has against water and sun damage. Wood and fiberglass materials, on the other hand, tend to experience more direct damage, as the hail can crack or split the surface.

How Can You Prevent Wind & Hail Damage?

Before seasonally high winds and hail storms arrive, have your roof inspected to assess the overall quality of your shingles. Roofers can pinpoint weak spots that aren’t always visible to the naked eye and provide solutions to strengthen the surface. If you have missing or damaged shingles, reseal or replace them.

When you have the opportunity to invest in new shingles, choose products that offer the protection you need. There are, for example, different classes of asphalt shingles designed for specific wind zones throughout the country. Georgia residents are at risk of experiencing wind speeds up to 109 mph. To hedge against that risk, homeowners opt for Class G materials that can withstand winds up to 120 mph.  

If you encounter heavy winds or a hail storm, call a certified inspector to assess the roof shingle damage. This immediate action will improve your success on filing insurance and warranty claims. Providing comprehensive repairs in Cobb County, GA, Frank’s Roofing Solutions will provide certified inspections after storms, as well as install dependable shingles. To request an estimate or schedule an inspection, call (678) 881-0001 or visit them online.