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4 Benefits of Clinical Trials September 20, 2017

4 Benefits of Clinical Trials, Chili, New York

If you or a family member are battling a sickness or interested in getting a new type of treatment, clinical trials are a great way to get quality health care that’s not publicly available. For hospitals, trials are critical to finding successful treatment options. The Rochester Regional Health Laboratories in New York shares the benefits of clinical trials for both patients and hospitals.

Why Clinical Trials Are Beneficial

1. Receive Exclusive Treatment

clinical trailsWhen you enroll in a trial or offer it at your hospital, you’re getting to experience brand new treatment. While not every trial is successful, many lead to effective results, leaving patients with a better chance at wellness. If it’s successful and rolled out publicly, your institution will be known as the place that helps launch monumental therapies.

2. Guaranteed Quality Care

One of the biggest benefits of clinical trials is that they’re watched closely by the institution, doctors, and the board. This means quality care will always be associated alongside it. Everyone is working together towards the best possible outcome.

3. Have Follow-Up Monitoring

With every treatment, therapy, or medicine, it’s important to monitor both short- and long-term reactions and results. When something new is being tested during a clinical trial, patients will receive follow-up check-ins to ensure everything continues to go smoothly.

4. Approved by FDA

Clinical trials always put the patient’s protection and well-being at the forefront, and that means ensuring that the test is safe. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to approve a trial before it can be offered to hospitals and patients, so you can rest easy knowing it’s being conducted by experts and will be reviewed closely by a board.

For all of your lab tests and clinical trial needs in Monroe County, NY, contact the team at Rochester Regional Health Laboratories. Visit their website for a list of ongoing clinical trials to see if one is a fit for you, or sign up to be added to future trials. For more information, call (585) 525-5227.

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