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How to Find the Perfect Dress Shirt for Your Suit October 4, 2017

New York, New York
How to Find the Perfect Dress Shirt for Your Suit , New York, New York

Even if you’re sporting the classiest and most luxurious suit, an ill-fitting or inappropriate dress shirt will completely throw off any style. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand exactly how a dress shirt should fit or what type of shirt goes well with a specific suit, causing them to settle for subpar choices that negatively impact their look. Thankfully, Manhattan, NY, residents have an ally in Wo’s Custom Tailoring who can help sharpen their style. Here, the expert team answers a few questions to help you in your garment search.

3 FAQs About Finding the Right Dress Shirt

1. What Color Combinations Work Best?

Finding the right dress shirt for the occasion begins with your suit; it’s the base from which everything else follows, and its color will determine your shirt style. Feel free to express your unique personality through color choices, but also keep some simple and classic combinations in mind. A solid white, solid light blue, or red checked shirt will look sharp with a navy suit; cream and brown pencil striped shirts go well with charcoal; red and white checked shirts pair great with light gray attire; blue windowpane and gray checked shirts are good companions to a brown selection.

2. How Can I Get a Good Fit?

dress shirtA perfect pairing is a moot point, however, if the dress shirt doesn’t fit properly. There are several aspects of a shirt’s fit that need to be considered. You should be able to place two fingers in-between the collar and your neck, and the body should be trim enough to cast a slim silhouette but loose enough to pinch one to three inches of fabric. Sleeves should be long enough so they don’t pull up to the forearm when your arms are raised but should have no more than an inch of fabric bunching near the wrist.

3. How Should I Choose Pattern & Style?

Choosing the right fit and color combinations are important, but you should know what patterns and styles are appropriate for various occasions too. Solid colors are timeless and work for any event. Although checkered shirts can be worn in formal and business situations, they are the least formal of patterns and are typically worn to more casual affairs.

The next time you’re searching for the perfect dress shirt for a suit, stop into Wo’s Custom Tailoring for expert advice. They specialize in men’s custom suits and shirts and carry an exciting selection of colors, materials, and textures. For more information, call (212) 988-9889 to speak with a representative, or visit the website to learn more about the services they provide.

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