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4 Signs It’s Time to Call a Mold Removal Specialist October 3, 2017

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4 Signs It’s Time to Call a Mold Removal Specialist, Evergreen, Montana

Excess moisture in your home can do more than damage your paint. It can also lead to mold growth throughout your house. For many homeowners, recognizing the signs of a mold problem can be a bit of a mystery. The team at Allied 24/7 Restoration, serving residents of Kalispell, MT, wants you to know what to look for so you can get prompt mold removal.

Here are a few of the most common signs it’s time to call a mold remediation specialist:

  • Mold RemovalMoldy Smell in the Air: One of the easiest ways to tell your home has a mold problem is to sniff the air. If the room smells musty, schedule a consultation with a mold removal expert.
  • Worsening Allergies: While seasonal allergies are always a problem, they can be aggravated by mold growth. If you notice your allergies have become worse or you’ve developed allergies when you previously had none, you may have spores in your home.
  • Leaky Pipes: Mold needs moisture to grow, and in older homes or those with poor plumbing, mold often collects around the site of a leak. Look for discoloration or bubbling in the paint or unexplained warping in your home’s siding. If you notice anything amiss, call a mold and water damage specialist. They’ll assess the risk of spores while also fixing the issues caused by the leak.
  • Flooding: Anytime water sits inside a home, it creates the perfect environment for mold growth. If your house was flooded in the past, even with just an inch of water, it’s possible that mold is growing. Check your home’s records and call a mold removal expert if your property was ever flooded.

Mold impacts your in-home air quality and can threaten the health of your family. If you believe you have a mold problem in your home, contact the mold removal experts at Allied 24/7 Restoration today. Their team will work quickly to eliminate spores so you and your family can breathe easily. Visit their website for more information, and call (406) 756-4357 to schedule an appointment.

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